Sunday, May 23, 2010

Story Time

One of the major reasons I blog is to keep a record. I'm never the same person two days in a row, yet morphing by such small degrees I would hardly notice unless I had a written record of my previous self.

This blog is probably the closest to a journal I have ever come, but I have always thought that there are several different ways to leave a record of your life.

We live in an old house...not just an old house but an old house with character; keep in mind here, not all character is good. Many people have lived on this property before us and they have all left little stories about themselves built into this house, piled in the dirt, and even a few...a very few, planted in the soil. Mostly tales about horses, cattle, and chickens. Little narratives of how to make do with what you have are nailed in the barns and strung on the fence posts. Written in the fenced front yard with lawn, (a rarity it these parts) is the possibility of childhood adventures. The one lone lilac in the back, though weak and unpruned when we found it, is a small chapter of someone, at sometime that desired more than livestock.

This week my fingers have been distant from my computer keys and etched with dirt, but I have left little blog posts all over. These are some of my favorites.

A new row of lilacs from a neighbor who had too many.

Three tomato patches...with 5 different kinds of tomatoes, most from seed. No doubt these are a short story, but sometimes those are the best kind.

Day lilies....for free.

Nine grape vines, eight for only the price of digging the holes.

Honeylocust tree, so pretty and NOT an elm, and I had better mention...for free.

So even if my posts are far and few between this summer, I continue to tell my stories. Maybe this winter I will actually get some in print.

*I have a great friend who is redoing her yard...resulting in a lot of  free transplants and a lot of happy work for me :)

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