Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh Honey...

Last week I scraped the bottom of the honey bucket.

No, this isn't a life metaphor with deep meaning, I really scraped the bottom of my honey bucket...and then licked the spoon...and fingers. The last of the honey may be an ordinary occurrence for some, but this time, for hurt. This wasn't just any honey bucket, this was the last of the good stuff. The stuff family drove hundreds of miles for, the stuff I grew up on...a sweet taste of heaven right here in my kitchen. I would make the drive myself, just to refill my bucket, but the honey man has retired and I have found nothing that competes. My brother still has a stash that he guards very heavily. I guess deep down I thought he would soften and share, being family and all, but no...honestly I don't blame him, he's only looking after  himself his own little family.

The fact is, I don't have the resources to be a honey snob anymore, so last night I took the plunge and bought some different honey. The price was right, at $120 for a 5 gallon bucket, I've seen  it sold for more than twice that. It was recommended by a friend and it's local, which helps with allergies. It's raw, which means it still has live enzymes and a few bee parts. AND it's pretty tasty...after all, it is honey.  I've yet to open the fact, this post is a way of delaying the inevitable...but the bread must be made, and my kids want goodies in their lunches humbled, here it goes....

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  1. I have thought of raising bees someday! I've checked books out of the library on beekeeping even. But haven't ventured out yet to do it! Maybe someday. I'd so love to raise my own bees and have my own fresh honey! I'd say that was a great deal you got. I just saw a jar at a stand on Saturday for $35 for 5 pounds. So how does it taste? Does it compare?


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