Wednesday, April 14, 2010


"By divine design...Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children." (Family Proclamation, paragraph 7)

Just this morning, I longed for the nurturing of a mother. Hadn’t I just cared for my little ones…one at a time…before they passed the sickness to me? Where is my mom, when all I can do is moan on the couch?

Of course, I know right where my mom is. Physically she is spending her days in service (as she always has) on a mission for our church; but that’s not all, because she is here with me too.

I may not have been bright enough as a child to let her teach me how to make bread, sew, and clean; but I did learn how to nurture, and it had little to do with the advice you might find in popular parenting magazines. A family is a hard place to hide imperfections, and we were as naked as the next; but in the end we are covered with covenants kept.


I love being a mother…and some days I think I’m pretty good at it; others…not so much. Those bad days would be enough to do me in with guilt and self doubt if I didn’t know about the back up plan.

We had a huge family growing up, and I often felt like one of the many. Really, how could one mother reach so many, cover so many bases…every day? Impossible really…on her own. I think she learned early to let go of perfection and cling tightly to the covenants she had made with the Lord.

Covenants that have greater strength than even a consistent discipline plan. Covenants that can reach through generations and bind family close, regardless of daily mistakes. Covenants that I have made with my Father, and my family.

So she does comfort me now, from a distance, and I know that even though my house will probably take a thrashing before I get back in the game, my family will be held close and covered.

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  1. Great Post! Those covenants and blessings do help put things into perspective don't they? Thanks for the reminder!

  2. "A family is a hard place to hide imperfections, and we were as naked as the next; but in the end we are covered with covenants kept." Love that line!!

  3. Oh how I agree...being a mother is at times the best, at times the most stress I have ever felt...but the rewards are so worth it!

  4. Well put, you wite SO well - love the new layout by the way. I have moved over to
    come visit sometime :)

  5. So true and well-said! You've really gotten to the heart of the matter...

  6. Love the picture! You both look so cute! Great thinking, hope it helped you feel better?

  7. I love that picture! I also love everything you said...because it's true.

  8. Ooh- I live the dandelion wish picture in your header. At least that is what we call them over here.
    It is so hard to be sick as a mom, especially after you have just spent all your energy caring for little ones. I definitely wish my mom lived closer on my sick days.
    I love the idea of our temple covenants keeping our family "covered" even when we are not at our very best.

  9. You'll love the kites...they fly best is steady blowing and gentle winds...but they are fun in crazy winds too because they dance around and provide and entertaining show! Let me know how it goes!

  10. Good thinking... I need your deep thinking to remind me of what is important.


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