Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It’s all about the soil

I watched the plow turn up the dark rich earth that had been undisturbed during months of cold. I didn't really like being dragged out of my lazy routine to help in the fields, but once I was there...I couldn't imagine a better place to be. Being a part of working the land, my young mind didn't understand it then, but I was unable to deny how it worked something up inside myself. Even the smell of the freshly turned dirt was amazing, and I told Dad as much. He just chuckled, and then in seriousness corrected my error. "It's not dirt, it's soil. A living breathing organism that we depend on to produce our livelihood.”

Years later, and with my own patch of soil to work, I know the importance of those words. A seed sown in soil that is weak, worn out from hot sun and dry wind will never reach it’s potential. The soil must be worked, gently turned over, cleared of nutrient sucking weeds, and most importantly supplemented with life…life that comes from heat and decay.


Jesus may have been a carpenter’s son, but showed his experience as the Creator in the parable of the sower. Not only is it an applicable story, Jesus exemplified the sower by sharing only the parable with those who were not prepared, and to those were, he offered “the mystery of the kingdom of God”.


Soil needs to be constantly worked…and work it is…to accommodate the deep roots required to survive the long hot summer. Start first by recognizing your soil as a living breathing organism…the dependence of your livelihood.  Clear out the weeds…you know what they are. Add life; apply heat to the waste by trusting in Him and the light of His word. Gently turn things over, ponder in your heart to reach the deeper soil….

…and then plant the seed.


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  1. I love the farming stories with today’s theme. My grandparents were all farmers, and it makes me feel good to hear of others still doing it. There is something about the "soil" that brings us in touch with the Creator...

  2. Beautiful!! I love this line....."ponder in your heart to reach the deeper soil" Thank for sharing these very inspiring words!!


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