Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Carnal Confession


OK, I admit it.

I like pretty things.


Not that you’d see me dressed up for a run, or even in pantyhose at church, but I do appreciate beauty when I see it.

Have you ever been surprised at where pretty shows up?

I know my morning run will be pretty; even in the dark chill the stars are amazing.

I know the mountains can take my breath away at any given moment…and they jump at the chance.


I know my kids are adorable (and funny, and smart, and not afraid to use any or all of these traits to get out of trouble).


But yesterday, I was surprised by the pretty…didn’t see it coming…but I hit my breaks fast to take another look.


I know, just a truck. I’m not even into trucks…really…


…or so I thought.


But I am jonesing sure would enjoy a drive.

1 comment:

  1. Love the mountain picture! I sure miss the mountains in the west. We lived in SLC for four years and I so loved running with the mountains in my view.

    Happy running this week!


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