Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He is my cake...I am his icing

He's big, I'm little

He's loud, I'm quiet.

He's bold, I'm shy.

I laugh, while he pouts.

He is sure, even when he is wrong, and I can never decide.

He leaves for work and relaxes at home.

I leave to relax and work at home.

He is quick to love and quick to fight as I meander through miles of emotional possibilities.


  1. That was so cool! Loved it! Love the cold toes on his leg, isn't that what they are for, to warm us up?!

  2. so well put...wouldn't it be boring if we were exactly the same?

  3. I differences do complete us. Very fun to read

  4. So enjoyed this! Love the title you gave the post too. Mr. FR and I are complete opposites as far as personalities go...opposites do attract. ☺

  5. I loved reading this. I especially loved "I leave to relax and work at home" how true as a "stay-at-home" mom!

  6. Loved your post!

    I see you run (I read over your running posts). I run too. I just started my own blog and share a little bit about my running attempts every Tuesday. Stop by some time!

    Judi :)

  7. Always so perfectly worded. You captured both of your personalities so well...and relationships in general. That's why it works, right?


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