Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stubborn Beauty

This tree has caught my eye all week. It's our cherry tree that we planted just over a year ago. While all the other trees are busy undressing, preparing for winter bed, it stands defiant; clinging to it's autumn negligee, refusing to go unnoticed.

Yesterday, as the sun lay low, I could resist no longer. Putting my house on self-pilot, I grabbed my camera and ran out to catch the last bit of light glowing through it's leaves before the early winter dim cooled the show.

I spent the night up and down with sick kids and once, as I again sought slumber, I thought about the tree and connected. This was not just any tree.
This was her tree.

Snow blew in hard through the night and covered the still covered tree beautifully, and I smile.

Three trees were planted to visually remind that they are still close; roots mingled in our soil and branches reaching to the sun.

The kids laughed and named this one Audrey, after the youngest.
She was stubborn just like her mom.

Ongoing gratitude list, #5.


  1. love those shots. I also love those little things. I hope they never stop! Part of me believes they only will if we choose to stop seeing them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Funny how it still tugs at our heartstrings. You have a gift for words...and pictures!


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