Friday, November 6, 2009

Ongoing Gratitude

Last year we did a Thanksgiving gratitude list with the kids. It was fun, then it was done. This year I want to do more. My kids had the idea to paper our entire kitchen with our lists of gratitude....I love the idea, not just because my kitchen is in desperate need of a paint job, but because it would be ongoing. Taking inspiration from the kiddos I'm going to begin my own list.....with them.

I'm thankful for....

1. The new wonder of each day....through his eyes.

2. Learning that anything can be (and should be) made beautiful.

3. Learning that there is always another way to see things.

4. The reminder to be real, I've missed too much being content with the surface.



  1. I love your list. And I love that it is to be continued! Isn't that the most important thing? That we continue to be thankful in big and small things! LOVE that! The pictures are adorable. So sweet!


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