Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Abundance is being completely filled, having all....even more than is needed.

Four dozen pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Drawers that won't shut when all the laundry is done at once. Unlimited access to a building full of books. Long summer days. Gardens that won't stop producing. Shelves lined with more than I grew. Gifts of honey, wheat, beef and listening ears. A crowded house. High speed Internet.

This is abundance.

But there's more. Abundance itself is quite abundant, you know. Awareness and gratitude for what we have can produce a wealth of abundance from supposed deprivation.

My first tomato from seed. An unexpected hug. Everyone liking dinner at once. An inappropriate burst of laughter. No homework on the weekends. Enjoying a kiss. Winter sun shining through my windows. Phone call when you don't have time. Hugging Kevlar twice daily.

I believe abundance is always there just waiting, but sometimes is it seems elusive. Suppressed by loss of self control, doubt, and selfish desires; concealed behind rebellion. Refusing to look, to ask or listen.

To rediscover your abundance it may be as simple as to, "Look outside - I know that you'll Recognize it's summertime"

When I'm willing to look outside of myself and see the penetrating summer heat of God's love...it is truly overflowing.

"One of the remarkable qualities about God's love for us is that not only do we
experience it as validating and affirming, but it also produces growth and
change in us. It literally moves us forward, toward Him and our own eventual
exaltation. It is a sculpting, correcting, and purposeful kind of love."
(friendly facebook quote)

Without this kind of lasting abundance, this unconditional abundance, this filling in my missing gaps abundance that I receive daily from my Savior, I would be continually lacking.

Long awaited change. Being picked up when you fall. A broken heart made stronger not harder. Whispered truth when surrounded by lies. Feeling peace in the pain. Being held when it hurts. Runner's high lasting way past the second mile. Finding joy in the simple. Understanding hidden treasures.

More than I need.

Exactly all I need.

What does abundance mean to you? http://chocolateonmycranium.blogspot.com/2009/11/wordfull-wednesday-abundance.html.

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  1. I tell you what, Esther, I could read your writing all day. {{sigh}} Love, love, love it!

  2. I love the way you express yourself. I may need to snitch some of your writing for a lesson :).
    Hope that's OK.

  3. Cool! Last Sunday a speaker said "Most of the blessings of the Lord come in the 2nd mile" So I am glad you brought that up...it's so much more than a "runners high"! (Now if I was confident those blessings would come from PTA)

  4. the unexpeced rewards listed in the second one are amazing! It truly is the "little things" that matter most to make our life abundant. :) Love your writing style.

  5. I really liked this...I tried to put these thoughts into words and it eluded me. I may try again in your style in my journal. Thanks!

  6. Yeah, ditto what Cocoa said. You have a beautiful way with words...

  7. I really enjoyed your post. very whimsical is the wrong word but the only one that comes to mind. your style is so fun. thank you for brightening my evening.

  8. Beautifully expressed! My life is full of abundance. Sometimes I just have to open my eyes to behold it all.


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