Friday, April 10, 2009

Distraction Debunked....Can You Feel It?

A little here and a little there; starting everything and finishing nothing.


Days filled with so many good things I hardly noticed I was missing the better part until I found my knees...


..after my kids had found sleep. Familiar words come without thinking but feel foreign to my soul. How long had I been saying the words without the stillness, the willingness to listen; to search Him out. Traveling, schedules left at home, I had forgotten how much I need more than just to acknowledge Him. I miss His voice. Sleep wins again with thoughts and promises for tomorrow.

Promises still unfulfilled a week later. Home but unsettled. Behind and undone. Distraction moves to digression as I start to hide from the chaos in the comfort of the random chores, disguised as indispensable.

On my knees again, ashamed of the time lost. Still feeling too distracted to focus and feel His love but aware enough to follow His gentle nudge; back to the beginning.

Morning is disapearing fast when I finally open His book and read. Letting my eyes tumble over the familiar paths, pausing and pondering new meaning. I smile.....almost giddy to find Him so easily......why had I made it so hard?

Stacks of the unfinished lie everywhere, reflective of His imperfect, rebellious daughter, but panic is gone because I have enough....for today.

We feel and so we are....who were you this week?


  1. So beautiful! My life is so full of distractions, too, but I ache to hear His voice. I, too, must find Him again.

  2. This was beautiful! So reflective in itself. Love how it's written, and I've seen those days recently myself, but am always taken care of.


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