Monday, April 13, 2009

Make Do Easter Treats

We wanted to make some Easter cupcakes this weekend. For things like this I don't mind depending on Betty Crocker, but there were no pre made boxes in my pantry and I didn't want to go to the store again, so we made do, and I pulled out a recipe. Unfortunately, my not so trusty mixer has a burned out motor from our Valentine's Day baking adventure. I'm saving up for a Bosch, so we have been making do with a simple whisk.

Trying to cream butter and sugar with a whisk wasn't working....maybe a ten second shot in the microwave would have helped, but I didn't think of that at the time. Instead, I retrieved my even older hand mixer, which still had a good motor, but broken beaters, and attached a beater from my not so old hand mixer with the burned out motor.

Ya still with me?

I was only able to get one beater to fit, and I had to hold it in by keeping it pressed against the bottom of the bowl....while I mixed....while I moved the spinning beater around the bowl in the opposite direction.

Oh yeah, and while I was taking a picture for my blog with the other hand.

This worked a little better, but even with my limited baking knowledge, it was pretty clear our yummy chocolate cupcakes just weren't coming together quite right.

No surprise, the cupcakes didn't turn out so hot.....but by this point there was no turning back.

Then my daughter noticed that the cupcakes....although flawed for some purposes, fit ours perfectly. So we happily made do, and had a blast eating too much candy and making these cute little Easter baskets out of our "basket" shaped cupcakes.

How do you make do? Share your survival techniques at Make-do-Mondays with Ann Kroeker.


  1. I'd say that those cupcakes look delicious! I'd be scared to do what you did with the mixer, but I'm sure I would have done the same thing!

  2. I love your one beater beater in one hand and camera in the other - that is making do and blogging dedication in action.

    Your cupcakes remind me of the carrot cake we had yesterday at my mother's house. Great tasting cake, not so great looking. My parents were laughing about how it needed much repair after removal from the pan and that there was some crucially placed frosting in certain places. Anyway, I enjoyed your post.

  3. I LOVE this whole story (and your darling photo-header, too!). You were making-do every step of the way, from the whisk to the one-beater electric mixer, to the sunken cupcakes. Then they ended up so fabulous at the end, with your creative basket-treats. Wow! I'm just putting up with a crummy little phone. You actually redeemed something into a beautiful result! Thank you for participating!

  4. I'm totally impressed. I'm afraid that I wouldn't have thought through it enough to get to the basket idea! =0( But you gals pulled it off and the finished results look fabulous! Great job.

  5. I absolutely love the whole moral of this post ... I need to think of it daily!


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