Monday, March 2, 2009

Pool Party? Come on in!

I redid my blog.

I know, nothing major, but I wanted it to express more of my original intent; the original push to dive into the blog pool. To always be present in my life; a player instead of a spectator, this is my lofty ideal. To feel whatever this moment has to offer is my goal; to learn from it and share it is why I blog.

I believe there is strength in numbers, so I want to hear from you. This Friday I will be hosting "Feelin' It Fridays" (sorry about the alliteration, I couldn't help myself). Won't you stop by and and share a little of what keeps you in the moment, what keeps it real. I think we can do more than just get our feet wet...I'd love to see some swan dives, and laugh at some cannon balls. I would thrill at a back flip and feel the pain of a belly flop. Whatever your style of expression, photos, words, recipe....come on in, the water is fine! (Skinny dippers be warned...this is a family pool :D)

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