Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Acceptance of my essence

The little ones have been sick all week, but still, when I woke up this morning feeling sore that thought didn't even cross my mind. "I must have worked out harder than I thought yesterday"...and "I really need to get some sleep," justified away the warnings.

When I started to sneeze this afternoon I cursed the warm weather for bringing allergies so strong and so soon.

When I almost fell asleep reading to my son, it finally clicked. Somewhere in the groggy story land I stumbled past denial and realized I was sick.


Too late to call Dad...what was that home remedy? Gargling cayenne and vinegar or was it eating raw garlic? It must be the garlic.

Five cloves and two pieces of bread later, I sit here letting it all soak in. Lucky for my husband he's working tonight. Lucky for you my essence can't travel through html codes. Will I be so lucky as to be cleansed by tomorrow afternoon for parent teacher conference?


  1. Ha! I do this all the time - it works but can be stinky! I have one korean friend at church and I would try to sit by her on the weekends I ate lots of garlic becuase I know she would be immune to it

  2. I hope you are better by now! (And I always use take raw garlic with my sore throats!)


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