Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Every moment's opportunity

As we started our "Thankful list" last week, all sorts of things came to mind, my favorite being the simple ones.

A glimpse of little toes...always growing, takes my breath and holds on to the moment as if to stop time for an instant.

Catching my daughter's eye...smile, and her unexpected hug.

Faint herbal aroma from summer's potted flavor.

There were some that were more complex...that didn't fit in a tidy list..but that continue to shape me.

I often think of a call to gratitude...when everything seemed broken on the ground....at the time I could only see it, but the clairity of the moment was enough to start the experiment...the desire to feel it swell.

...gratitude in all things....when the unfixable lies before you...finding gratitude, not just finding some thing, somewhere hidden amongst all the wreckage, that could bring happiness...but feeling gratitude for all of it.

Gratitude in the moment...for every moment...brings humility to the soul and allows progression toward what He is. It allows the mending of the broken, bringing sweetness to the bitter, and restoring of what was lost.

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