Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Better late than never...So Thankful

What a perfect way to start the day...thoughts of thanks squeezed in between 'hurry up' and oatmeal.

After being nudged from every side, I finally started recording our 'Thankful List".

Hubby: Wife, kids, motorcycle, and job.

Mine: Family, garden, home, music, and running.

Oldest: Family, shelter, friends, neighbors, rights, pencils, fire place, toys, birthday, mind, ideas, books, body, plants, animals, dad's motorcycle, and pens.

Hup: Motorcycle, Sunshine, dinner, Kung Fu Panda, and food.

Sunshine: Jesus, His example, Missionaries, Mom, Dad, Oldest, Hup, Dad, Little Man, my Mommy (with a hart drawn after cuz she loves me).

Laser Boy: Mom, Dad, Hup, Sunshine, Oldest, blanket, bottle, food, puppies.

Just a get our harts in the right place for the Christmas Season.

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