Sunday, September 21, 2008

...according to our faith

I hear the creak of his bed, the thumping as he half climbs, half slides down his ladder, running down the hall tripping and banging the whole way he jumps on our bed and burrows down inbetween. I roll over to make room for the little one who is too big to be in our bed. I'm at a loss for any solution because I know why he is here.

Fear. How can I convince him he is safe? What parental strategy have I not tried to help him feel comfortable in his own bed, to know what I know:
"...evil beings have no real power over a righteous individual who has faith. They can threatn, confornt, even appear to be powerful and menacing, but unless one fears and yeilds, they have no power" ~Richard G. Scott
Such a connection between fear and powerlessness. My little strong and good but not able to find the peace waiting for him.
I look to the Word for His help.
"...give us strength according to our faith which is in Christ.." (Alma 14:26).

I have seen this child's faith come so naturally...he feels and so he is. So we talk, and I look into his eyes as he tells me of faith, and I hold his callused little hand as I tell him of the strength he already has. And now I pray, for strength and wisdom...according to my faith.

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