Monday, September 22, 2008

Fumbling Around in the Dark

"Mom! I'm scared!" I'm out of bed before he finishes his plea. The house sleeps through his panic and I catch him as he comes barging down the hall. I steer him back to his covers and I lie down beside until I hear his breath come slow and even. He wakes up again calling for me..."I'm right here," I say softly. His response is questioning, "I can't see you." Still scared he fumbles around until his hand finds my face. What feels awkward seems to comfort and he sleeps again with fingers across my forehead. I offer up a groggy prayer that gets lost on my way to slumber.

...and so it goes on...more nights up and down, more tired frustration, more fumbling around in the dark, and prayer....believing in truth that can't be seen.

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