Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rhythm Recognized

My little one strikes out in anger
fear in motion.

I gather him close.
Wrap him tight, arms full circle
my cheek on his.

I rock him back and forth
His tense body relaxes into mine.
He rocks too...deepening the rhythm.

Physical pressure
controlled rhythm
witness that he is recognized

Later I find myself striking out.
Anger filling my body.
 My smile, my touch, is all it should be
but the battle rips through me
jagged and bloody.

I try to mend it with logic, 
all I know to be real.
Breathe deep, refocus...
tomorrow will be better.
But it still burns.

I cry out
I'm done
I want it gone.

I feel the peace wrap around
music, rhythm rocking me
applying pressure to my spirit
witness that I am recognized

My body relaxes, sways with the melody.
I sleep.

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