Sunday, September 18, 2011

How Gentle God's Commands

It rained again this week and all is right in the world. The clouds moved in low and slow all Wednesday, easing the panic pace of life. For the first time in weeks is seems, we had time to just sit together and listen to the rain.

It came down in small steady drops,

 It rained all night and a day leaving the ground wet trice as long. The entirety of Friday was used for the storm to clear. Watching the sky as "that hand which bears all nature up" lifts, parts and swirls the clouds, left me in awe....
nothing doubting.

How gentle God's commands!
How kind his precepts are!
Come, cast your burdens on the Lord
And trust his constant care.

Beneath his watchful eye,
His Saints securely dwell;
That hand which bears all nature up
Shall guard his children well.

Why should this anxious load
Press down your weary mind?
Haste to your Heavenly Father's throne
And sweet refreshment find.

His goodness stands approved,
Unchanged from day to day;
I'll drop my burden at his feet
And bear a song away.

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