Saturday, December 4, 2010

No guts, no glory

There was a moment when it was all clear, but before that, the miles stretched out endlessly.

Studying the map before the race, it was clear that these miles would be hard, 9-17, where the beginning excitement would be well worn off and it would still be a way from the end. It would be a mental game...

me against myself.

Who else would know if I slowed my pace, or walked a little longer through the water stops?

But I didn't. I held on, kept pushing; going faster when I wanted to go slower. Just get to mile 17.

Then I did.

Slowing for water and goo, my body felt done and my mind was tired of telling it otherwise. Then something opened in my gut and spread...up through my lungs and spread through my legs. My eyes lifted and I started to run. That was the moment of clarity, when I knew that not only would I finish, but finish well.

This week I feel like I have been stuck at a water stop at mile 17 just waiting for my gut to kick in. Finally today I had that moment of clarity and it scared me. Sometimes knowing for sure what I should do does that to me. I hope I have enough guts.

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  1. what ya got up your sleeve? your making me feel like even a bigger slacker cause not only can I NOT run right now...I am a WIMP!


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