Monday, October 25, 2010

Learning Greek

“So you run 26 miles...and you get…..what?”

My friend was completely serious. A complete stranger to even a 5K, she was incredulous when I told her how long a marathon was….and that I was planning on running one.

I couldn’t tell her why; not that I didn’t have my reasons…just that it would be all greek…a language neither of us understood.

That was three weeks ago, and my 26.2 have come and gone, and I am a better person because of it. Sometimes when I think of it, it was simply something fun to do, and other times it was everything that I had to do. One thing is for sure, it was one heck of a ride, and in an attempt to cruise a little longer I will be little posting several marathon thoughts, stories, lessons and full on life metaphors...unless I decide to train for another that case look for a post on harmful addictive behaviors and how to live happily in denial. 

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  1. So is it ok if I don't learn Greek? It all sounds very amazing and challenging...just Greek to me. :-)


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