Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taking Pictures

It was just two of us.

Winding down through the canyon the day the metal brackets came off her teeth and she couldn't stop making funny faces, letting her mouth enjoy movement again. She leaned back against the window and the breeze caught her crimped locks and pulled them straight up.

We both giggled and tied to get my camera phone to work. No luck, and instantly my mind switched to camera mode and my heart caught in my throat. Early evening sunlight, the kind that lets you know summer is almost done, caught her freckles as if boasting of it's own work...

and while watching the road, I couldn't take my heart eyes off her.

She is so beautiful, and although I carried her inside myself every minute of the nine months plus three days, I still wonder how she could be mine and how she could be so grown.

She knew she had my attention and she laughed again, eyes sparkling gray-green and I know she loves her "freaky runner mom", and I think for now she is mine, but hold my breath anyway, not wanting this to change..

at least for a minute,

and I take a picture.


  1. Beautiful Esther! Who needs a camera when you capture the moment so well with words?

  2. Sometimes I too just want to capture them at this age forever. I know time passes quickly.

  3. had a moment like that the other day as I watched Jordan, after waiting for his sis to get out of school, walk with her down a busy hall at school. My mind took a picture & one I'll cherish forever...best friends. I love those pictures! You put it so GREAT! Pretty little girl.


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