Sunday, August 29, 2010

Running at 10,000 Feeet

All week the dirt has been gathering... the corners and under the table.

It would probably bother me more if I had time to stop and look at it. I'm running and I can't catch up...but I'm enjoying the run anyway.

( way...not gonna post a pic of my dirty kitchen)

Kids left for school and once again I question many contradictions...what is good and bad and what is best.

Tomatoes, green beans, the last of the corn, peppers and still the weeds...

...oh the weeds, someone should tell them they have lost battle and need to go home.

Have you ever tried running at 10,000 feet?

More specifically 10,500.

Nothing works like it should, my stomach forgets how to handle a sip of water but still cries for more. My lungs feel unused but my muscles ache from lack of oxygen...

...and yet I, my whole self, can't get enough.

Farther and farther up and around the next curve, longing for the top. My friends are done but I can't get enough.

I always knew these mountains were a part of me.

Later I will completely crash, but now...I just enjoy the run.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I haven't run in high altitude for quite a while. Sounds like you are back into the fall schedule too. Have a great week!


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