Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tactile Learning

Last fall we took a vacation to Moab. Driving past the towering red cliffs was breath taking, unimaginable that these rocks and cliffs had been here my entire life and I had been content to just view them from pictures.


Being so close as we drove by and not touching almost drove me crazy. Sometimes the moment can never be your own until you’ve felt the sand under your nails and rubbing blisters in your shoes. I’m a tactile learner, I need to walk the trails and and feel the the wind in my face as I sit near the edge of the cliff. I need to slip a little to find my footing and jam my own fingers into the cracks to pull my weight up over the top.


Sometimes I can make it with just a scratch or two, sometimes the price is higher, affecting those around me, but when I climb back in the car at the end of the day with legs trembling and body covered in salt and sand…


I know.

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