Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where's the Line?

How far would you go to show your love and support for your spouse?

Would you give up an entire day (plus babysitting) just to show them?

Would you sit uncomfortably in the sun for hours just to obtain a minute of glory for them?

Would you stretch your body far beyond what it has done in the last five or ten years just because your effort is important to them?

Would you give up an entire Saturday afternoon of working in the garden with perfect weather just to show that you're all a team?

Would you????

I would....

...and did. This week was like an extended company party at my husbands' work. It involved a lot of different competitions and hubs, being a part of a very competitive group, signed me up to compete. I'm sure he was thinking, "My wife played competitive sports in high school, (16 years ago) surely she can be an asset to the team." How flattering for husband still values my high school achievements.

Now that it's done I can't complain too much; just because my body aches in ways I never new possible, and my fingers shake as I try to type, and my pride is slightly wounded from getting out 5 times in 3 innings...really, I was glad to help. There were some high moments too, not so much in softball, but the 5K was fun and my body did remember a trick or two involving a volleyball.

Now I need my bed...and maybe a chiropractor.

Just thankful he didn't sign me up for football...even if he had, a girl's got to draw the line somewhere.


  1. wow, what a delightful blog you have created here! i was 'next blogging' my way today and i came across yours...full of family, nature and a pension for recording your life :) what a blessing to enjoy the simple life you have as if it were the royal family...that truly is the secret of living this beautiful life God has given us!
    enjoy a terrific sunday :)

  2. Missed you here lately! But I haven't been blogging much either! Having too much fun doing other things. Sounds like you had a week full of activity!


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