Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's in a name?

"Esther? Isn't that the name of a cow?

I overheard them talking, but I wish I hadn't. My name has it's moments. Being named after a courageous queen can be a nice boost sometimes. Unfortunately, it is also a popular name for "old ladies" and apparently even cows.

I celebrate my current last name, a gift from my husband, because it ties me and my children to another wonderful family that amazes me more every day.

Even though I've been married for 13 years, I still cling to my maiden name. It's both a tie and a reminder of a heritage that I that I work to earn. I love the old Judd's song "My Guardian Angles", especially the last verse:

Sometimes when I'm tired
I feel Elijah take my arm
He says, Keep a-goin', hard work
Never did a body harm.
And when I'm really troubled
And I don't know what to do
Fannie whispers, Just do your best, We're awful proud of you!

(Tear...sniff, sniff) It gets me every time.
Names are a spoken reminder of that eternal bond that keeps us close despite years and mountains that separate.

What's in your name?

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  1. Names really are important and tie us to our families. One of my visiting teachers despises her name because it was chosen by nurses at the hospital where she was born and adopted. There was no thought put into her name so she chose her sons name carefully making sure to give much thought to them.

  2. I love your name! I immediately think of the beautiful queen when I hear it. What a precious name to have!

  3. Oh, I love the Judds! Family bonds are so important! Even when we are far away.

    I love your name too! I considered using it for one of my daughters, but ended up using another Old Testament name. We always have a Family Home Evening lesson on that story around my daughter's birthday.

  4. I love that verse! I feel the exact same way. I also love the name Esther, and would never think of that for a name for a cow. My sister, who's name is Betsey, has the same problem :)

  5. I too love the story of Esther, would have been honored to be named after her.

    My Mom was a Jenny and her grandma would not call her that as she also had a cow named Jenny! :)

  6. I almost named my little girl Esther. It was on our list right up to the end.


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