Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On Hold

Water came yesterday. We're scheduled for only 22 hours, but sweet Larry, the ditch rider told me to keep it 'til I've had enough. So we let it run across the field, trying to redirect, flood, soak, and fill. We shovel, and adjust, and hold hands as we walk across the field leaving over sized prints in the mud.

We woke early to make sure the basement was still dry, and then it was more opening, closing and opening of gates. My kitchen hides beneath piles, and Laser Boy runs naked; everything is put on hold when the water flows. Maybe one day we'll learn how to control this blessing, perhaps even make it run up hill, like good Mormons can; so they say.

Things finally settle and the last flow soaks into the dust and I remember what I missed, and wish I could have put everything on hold and been mountains away, to dig and finalize and have a purpose to be in that spot, so far away; to sit and think, remember.....

.....and laugh, because she always did.

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