Monday, August 3, 2009

Ears that Hear

All day she played at my feet, though it seemed she was in my head, constantly vying for my attention as I stirred bubbling apricots, and unpacked bags, tripping over the crusted dished from my not-so-fixed dishwasher.......

.....and she was there, everywhere I turned....

....giggling, wondering, story telling Sunshine.

I smiled as I stepped over her again and again, but hardly stopping to see; a flicker of wonder not quite igniting.....why was she here and what does she need, this little one who is always so content to build her own little world.

The day almost gone as we sat struggling with her laces, frustrated tears spilled down her cheeks; like lighter fluid they lit my recollection and I knew it had nothing to do with her shoes.

"We don't spend enough time together!"

Her words erred but blazed with truth. We had spent the entire day together, as we usually do, so why the distress?

This little sun's ray who had been left behind as older siblings ran with new friends, who missed her daddy for a whole week only to return and find she was missing her grandpa, who after a day of begging in her sweet pleasing way was finally left with no other option than to put her need into words.

Weeks spent with those we love but see so little; long days that were too short, not wasting a minute. Now, here, with my own little one who I see everyday I had been content with the cool surface ashes, while she had been longing for the deep burning embers.

Proud she could find the words, ashamed it took words for me to hear, we enjoyed the warm flames as we walked and giggled, threw wild melons, and broke open cat tails to crown her snow princess, and cheered as she ran and won.

Now I listen with new understanding to Laser Boy's random question, "Mom, you hear me?"

I pray for ears that can hear so the words need not be spoken....

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  1. that's wonderful! what a great prayer/reminder for all of us!


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