Monday, May 4, 2009

Naturally Mischievous

So natural, but so mischievous....with all these bunny ears maybe I should have used this picture for Easter week at iheartfaces, looks a little chilly though. I love all their different expressions, especially Sunshine, so I'm glad I had another chance to get this photo in for my kids entry for hat week.

For my adult entry it's my favorite man with an adorable addition. I never get tired of taking pictures of these two hiking buddies.....I think I'm in love.

Put on your hats and join the party at iheartfaces.


  1. I like the composition of the adult entry. It gives me such a calm, happy feeling.

  2. Poor little girl... she is totally getting teezed by her brothers and she doesn't even realize it! That will definately be my daughter in a few years! Her brothers are always teezing her!

    But the photo is so adorable and there is so much personality in this candid shot! What a fun and entertaining photo!

  3. Wow you have family in Boise? I have met others that have family in Kuna (near boise) also! We have definately had crazy weather here!

    I am going to join your blog... Your kids look slightly older then mine... so I am sure you will have great tips and pics in the future! Have a great day!


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