Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Than Harvest

Intense spring cleaning
hoping it will last
'til first hard frost.

Impassioned by the
redolence of spring
soil first turned.

Plant curiosity just to
know if it will grow,
like my avocado.

Ratios of carbon to nitrogen;
piled rotting remains,
dryer lint?

Dry, cracked fingers,
soil stuck around nails-
tinting my thumb green.

Field bindweed keeping
humility, displaying
inner fear, no control.

Praying for moisture-
heart sinking as
frozen answer destroys.

Spared, new growth
from shredded ruin-
wise beauty.

Wordfull Wednesday @ Chocolateonmycranium


  1. Beautiful! I was so looking forward to reading your poem today. You did not disappoint! Your fifth stanza perfectly describes my hands from spring until fall.

  2. I have loved visiting each WW site today. The talent is inspiring.

  3. You do have an incredible talent with words. I loved reading and experiencing your poem.

  4. Well if you are as talented in the garden as you are with words I'm sure you'll enjoy a plentiful harvest.

    This makes me just want to get out there and dig!

  5. Very nice. I am so thankful for WW to get acquainted with such talent!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I've been doing lots of digging and planting, but mostly trying to save my berries from the birds.

  7. Holy buckets! You had me at "redolence." What a treat to read your poem! I loved the imagery and textures. Dryer lint? Seen it in my garden too.

    Ruin-wise beauty? Doesn't get better than that.


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