Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pictures of my run

It was cold.

I don't usually run when it's that cold, but I wanted to go. I wanted to run far and long. I stepped outside and sucked in my breath....

yes, it was cold, but it was also something more; it was in the air, I could smell it and feel it.

It was beautiful.

Even if I could figure out how to take my camera running, it wouldn't have captured what remains unseen by the casual observer....

for a few more weeks anyway...


I went farther than my farthest plan, and came back soaked in the breath of spring.


  1. Spring ... I can't believe it is almost here :) !!

  2. I went walking yesterday in the cold misty morning. The sun hadn't yet risen but there was light peaking over the mountains showing the different blue hues of the clouds from darkest midnight blue to a light periwinkle. I at first wished I had brought my camera but knew a picture would not have done it justice.


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