Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rest for the weary...part II

The alarm goes off and I jump to quiet it before it wakes the kids....two of which are snuggled in beside me. It was a rough night with colds and bad dreams, resulting in my tired body contorted around haphazard arms and legs. My husband crawls out of bed to get ready for work, and I relax into the extra space only to be joined by a third child climbing up and worming down into the warm covers, sleeping the whole time. I look over at their peaceful faces, thankful they found rest.

I pray gratitude for surviving the night; I plead for strength to use the day; I feel His comfort as I slip from betwixt slumbering babes and continue on my knees.

In the distance I hear the starting pistol fire as I schooch my way back into bed. The sun rises on our slumber.

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