Monday, February 2, 2009

Making Do

I've always made do when it comes to bags. Once I tried to care about the style of my purse, and got so frustrated with the hassle of style that within a week I was back to using my over the shoulder, simply functional, army green, washable bag that I got years ago from a 70% off table at JCPenny. I'm even worse with my church bag; anyone who has to keep little ones quiet in church, and then organize a primary, teaching, singing and calming fears, knows the value of a good church bag. But again, I have always made do with the free totes you get when you order something in the mail, or the ones you can find at a yard sale for fifty cents. Practical, but sorely lacking in style.

Last week I won my first ever blog giveaway. The prize was a gorgeous tote, the perfect size to replace my ugly, functional church bag. I was very excited. I even modeled it for my kids. Later, I modeled it for my husband. So pretty, perfect and free!

Sunday morning I loaded it up with my primary binder, my kids notebooks, colored pencils and a small bag of cheerios for the little one. It looked so nice that I modeled it again. It sat on my lap all the way to church as I admired its beauty. I joking commented to my husband about my vanity, but seriously, I couldn't help it.

Not five minutes into the meeting, Laser Boy was acting up enough that it was necessary for me to take him out and calm him down. As I stood up to go, my foot caught on the beautiful brown handle of my gorgeous new bag.....causing me to stagger out into the isle....

I recovered gracefully, but the lesson was learned, and comments of tripping on my vanity filled the car on the ride home. Unfortunaley, I already got rid of my humble (and by humble I mean ugly) bag and so I will just have to continue to make do with this pretty bag...ever watching my step.


  1. Oh, my! I was so excited when you won the bag and so sad when you tripped! That sounds like the kind of thing that would happen to me, Esther. I'd get the cute, neat little bag and be so happy and feel so updated, only to stumble on it in some way, whether literally or figuratively. Or I'd spill a dark cola on it and stain it. Have fun carefully making-do with the winning bag!

  2. I love the way you tell your stories ... but I also want to see a picture of you modeling your new bag :) !!

  3. I was waiting to hear you say Laser Boy spilled something on it...or threw up on it... My favorite is lotion or sunscreen or a snack spilling inside them...nice scented bags.

  4. This is totally something I would do (or have done). My experience was with a three inch pair of red high heels though...


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