Monday, January 26, 2009

Taking one for the team

We were just a minute late getting to church on Sunday, and the meeting had already started which left us scrambling for an unfamiliar seat. Somewhere in the mix, Laser Boy (almost 2) escaped and before I noticed his absence he was up the isle and making his way up on the stage. Unfortunately, Sunshine (4) noticed also, and took off after him. They both dashed gleefully across the stage just behind the bishop, who was trying to open the meeting. I started up after them and then realizing they were headed to the other side, I went back around behind the congregation to try and head them off on the other side. I guess running across the stage once was so much fun they had to turn around and do it again. This antic put me on the wrong side again, and giving up all hope of being discrete, I crossed in front of the now laughing congregation, in hopes of grabbing them before they tried it again. Thankfully one of the bishopric reached out creating a barrier of sorts, just enough to slow them down so I could nab them. The ordeal was over but I was embarrassed.....and sweating.

With Laser Boy under one arm and Sunshine skipping along beside, I walked back to our bench. My hubby shrugged his shoulders and gave me a "what could I do?" look. After that, my kids surprisingly sat like angels as the scene played over and over in my mind. I tried to sing along with the opening song, but kept hearing the combined voices of all the disapproving parents I've ever heard...."that child is out of control"....."he needs a little heat on his behind"...."counseling and the proper dosage works miracles"...."put the fear of God in him"...."disrespectful"...."irreverent".....and on and on. Some of these have been aimed at my own, and some were whispered referring to others. But as the song progressed, I calmed a little, and even began to smile.

Disrespectful? Yes.

Irreverent? Yes.

Pretty darn funny? YES!

I feel fairly confident that the majority of church goers enjoy a little distraction once in a while, and if that distraction comes in the form of two giggling children (who aren't their own), all the better. Everyone needs to take a turn once in a while, just to keep it real.

Of course I will heighten my guard of Laser Boy, I will do all I can to train my children to be respectful, and I will hope with all I have that it never happens me. In the meantime I can choose to be embarrassed or choose to laugh and learn.

I love to laugh.


  1. This lovely story reminds me of a story of my own, during a communion service at our church a few years ago. There was a little kid in front of me who was making a lot of noise, but no one was asking the mother to leave with him. I gritted my teeth and willed him to just please shut up and quit disturbing the reverence of the otherwise pin-dropping silence of the sanctuary.

    To be super-spiritual about it, I tried praying that God would shut the kid up. It was His gig anyway.

    And you know what He said? He said, "Who are you to decide what is holy? Let the little children come to Me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

    And I sensed Him stretching out His arms to gather me in, His noisy, wriggling child.

  2. I love this story. Mostly because of how you chose to handle it and view it. Just as you pointed out - we all have had to do this once (or two or three times. It comes with the territory of having children!

    You are an inspiration!

  3. Oh, yes. And I forgot to tell you the you are the winner of January's Wordfull Wednesday! If you can send me your address I will get it shipped to you. I am posting a new Wordfull Wednesday topic and the announcement of your winning tomorrow (1/28).

    chocolateonmycranium at live dot com


  4. Es--I want to know how to win chocolate for Wordful Wednesday! :-) I love the story and I think you need a poll on your blog to ask how many parents have had children run across the stage in Sacrament Meeting...we just had a memorable kid Sunday last month and my kids are 12, 10, 10, and 9.

  5. Your Laser Boy sounds just like my nearly 4 year old Cory. This last Sunday with him at Church was just terrible, at least in my eyes.

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to just laugh with him ... and do my best to train him. Until then? If he is a bit unruly, I will laugh instead of simmer :) !! After all, I am doing my best. Heavenly Father obviously sent me a very strong willed, spirited and stubborn child. He must have a sense of humor, so shall I :) !!


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