Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Indulgence

There is a reason Thanksgiving comes first in a season of celebration. The opportunity to look around with wide eyes and be amazed at all our blessings; even discovering love where before had only been pain. With eyes lifted, acknowledging the fount of every blessing, we are prepared to fully celebrate the the Father's gift of his son; the birth of our Savior. Like the magi, we spend the season coming to Christ. Instead of offering gold and fragrance, we give up our sins to know Him more completely, setting the stage for a New Year striving to become more like Him.

For myself the struggle to be like Him begins with loving like Him. During Thanksgiving I wrote this in my journal:

"I am thankful for all things. For every moment and every breath. Now I will show my gratitude by being present in every moment. Look into their eyes, hear what they need, share their joy and pain, and be so happy to be the one they chose as their mother."

This may be a little selfish, as little effort pays big dividends, but I'll be the first to admit my tendency to get caught up in the goal of getting things done; with the best of intentions and missing too much of the important.

To flip the coin, I want to strengthen my resolve to reach those in my life who seem unreachable. To not be hurt when I am blocked out again. To celebrate every crack of light....every word, touch and glance that is real.

To give structure and even hope to my goals, I want to be more consistent in searching His word. Not just a set time or place, but to completely indulge in whatever time or place I am in.


  1. What a beautiful post! I'd love to read your kids blog too! Thanks for finding me. It's so fun to be "in touch" with you! Drop by our blog anytime. And thanks for the reassuring words for my Sunbeam boy.

  2. Great reminder to refocus and remember the important things in everything we do.


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