Monday, January 19, 2009

Different Views

It's late and I had a full day, but I don't want to miss my chance to write about memorizing on Monday....I love alliteration.

As it goes, memorizing is tough, but very rewarding. The theme of my passage is faith, and since it is constantly running through my brain, I find its views everywhere. This is what keeps me out the spare room in my brain to make room for this vision.

Yesterday in church I got a view from a forgotten angle. I often think of faith as the beginning....before all else, there must be faith. But to begin with faith in something that isn't real is only wishful thinking. Plant a seed, care for it and it will grow into a plant; plant a chocolate chip and care for it with all you have, and it will never grow into a cookie....bummer, I know.

Even before faith, there must be knowledge, a reason for your faith. Where did your faith start? Can you remember it's beginning? Was it a result of small drips in a bucket or did it come on in raging force? All things are a witness of Him; beginning could happen anywhere....and it continues to happen whenever we take time to acknowledge Him.

We acknowledge and continue to grow, hoping for what we can't see; knowing He is real.


  1. So glad to get your update (and see those gorgeous photos to accompany your post!). I like the shift of perspective in the photographs, and your sharing your perspective in words, as well.


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