Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it Out

I love the music of Christmas time. The spirit of it is so hard to deny...and too strong hold back. As I sat in church today, I listened to those (including myself) who normally mumble into their hymnal, harmonizing (not so much myself) in voices that seemed to have been saved especially for this season.

The choir sang "O Holy Night" and I felt left out, sitting in the congregation juggling kids. It's my favorite Christmas carol, especially when sung by someone who truly believes in it's message. It requires so much of the soul to really do the music justice. My heart sings it much better than my voice could ever allow... which was why I was juggling kids while my husband sang. I remember the first time I really heard that song. I wasn't even paying attention and then all of a sudden the feeling in the room was so strong I looked up....and heard. The man singing was talented, but not exceptionally, yet there was no doubt that day of what was in his heart.

Even the carols that don't mention Christ still do wonders in lifting the soul. Anyone who has experienced a long dark winter can appreciate the elevation you get by singing "Winter Wonderland" or "Let it Snow"...It's about getting up and making hot cocoa and snow angles, instead of sitting wrapped and shivering....finding gratitude in the moment, and doesn't that always glorify?

My mom used to get after us for slurring through "heavenly peace" as we sang of that wondrous, silent night. Hoping always to hear that heavenly choir she knew to be in our hearts. As I have grown, and find myself still still looking for the right notes, I have come to peace with just letting it out. All the joy and gratitude that has been building up in my heart all year long....I just let it out, and sing. Who knows, maybe next year I'll let my husband juggle while I sing.

Let your voice be heard, open your heart and sing.


  1. The song of the heart is a prayer unto I figure I'm ok singing in my heart, because if my voice could sing what my heart could feel, I'd be in the choir. :-)

  2. Oh to be like a little child who sings to thier heart's content not caring what it sounds like but spreading joy with their enthusiasm.

    I don't know how many times I've been touched by the message found in music when I really take the time to listen and hear.


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