Sunday, August 24, 2008


unfinished, incomplete, late, lacking, dropped the ball....and the list goes on, and so goes my life....

No, this isn't a post lamenting what I lack, just a mere statement of what I am. Sometimes the pressure comes down so hard, squeezing until I can't get air. I think I would shut down and hide...still seeing me, but hiding my inadaquate offerings. But I don' least not often, or for very long, because I know it's ok. Everyday I offer my loaves and fishes and He continues to feed the masses.

"Give ye to me all that you have to offer
and I will bless it, I will make it whole.
You will have all that you need,
and when there's not enough,
I'll make the difference up.
Give ye to me."

Again the lesson has been tought and thankfully, I have heard.


  1. Ester you rock!!!! Very artistic! I love sweet basil and have a bounty of it, who would have thought cupcakes... can't wait to try them...

  2. You are a powerful writer ... you have me hooked!


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