Sunday, February 26, 2017

Just choose the flip flops

From the time they were small, I let them choose. Here little one, would you like to wear the shorts or the jeans, the sneakers or the flip flops? So important to give them choices...within set and safe limits. And when they push those limits and choose the plastic dress up shoes and floofy dress, well this wise momma just let the consequences follow.

And now that they're older, I still let them choose. Yes, I lead and guide and suggest and sometimes say no, but mostly they choose....and my heart hammers in my chest and my gut is tied in knots with worry because these days the natural consequences aren't as cute as my little princess in the grocery store. Where are the limits and boundaries, and do I dare set them?

I heard today in church, "I grew up with few rules and high expectations." I pray constantly to know the difference.

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