Monday, January 30, 2017

The Strongest of Women

I am surrounded by the strongest of women.

At a time of social unrest,  when femininity is called into question by feminist themselves. When the power of united women is so great that it is used as a front for political agenda. A time where evil is dressed up, polished and sold as truth. At this time I look around where I stand and can't help but notice that I am surrounded by the strongest of women.

The woman who shows up, after 10 others have canceled, she shows up to her commitments. She shows up with four little ones in tow. She shows up with a newly broken heart and life lost in her womb. She shows up.

The women who listens and learns and wants to learn more. Learns so she can teach her children. Learns because there is so much to know. She learns and gives and fails and wins and learns.

The woman who does it all. Husband gone, four children on her own, full time high stress job and she does it all. She plans and balances and juggles and fights, and then chills with her pals to blow off steam.

The woman who willingly jumps in at the last minute and teaches like she breathes. Challenge accepted, and conquered....and all with sass.

The woman who lives and breathes so much like me and yet comes to such different conclusions. Willing to follow the spirit even though her mind comes highly qualified. Never does it the way I would, but does it perfectly every time.

The woman who pulls her family along, kicking and screaming and she just loves and pulls, and loves and pulls. Fixing cakes and fixing cars and going to school to get credit for what he has learned first hand.....and a smile that slays.

The woman who teaches with patience that never seems to end. Always seeming to know when to distract and when to be firm. When to ask for help and when to push on. I don't have to be young to learn from her.

The woman who comes back to what she was taught so many years ago, because that was where she was happy. Excitement and ability to see the joy in every moment. Loving life and so excited to share. Infectious joy.

The woman who takes more little ones than she can hold. Quietly and consistently she is there and with consistence, they become quiet consistently.

The woman who can't even walk tall, but walks taller than us all because she never stops serving. Who has lived a life full of so many experiences ups and downs, heartaches and sorrows. One who sees each individual and loves each individual.

The yet to be woman who bravely put herself out there only to fail. Who cried in my arms because she knew better than anyone that she failed. The one who will dry her eyes and keep moving on, because that's just what she does. I will watch her fly.

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