Friday, December 28, 2012


satan likes to whisper 
"wicked, unworthy, waste"
i listen
running in the dark
black shadows press
do i have a choice?

distant light
not yet pink
i think maybe
he lies.

breathe deep
run faster
not panic...

need to suck deeper
wake sleeping places.
legs and heart that want more
elevate me to runner's high,

light encircles 
dark shadows.

beauty outlines 
the dim unknown.

illumination clarifies 
what once was feared.

fierce crave awakes...
i need to go faster. 
use it all til i'm empty
ready to be taken
filled with what matters.

autumn's claim burns gold
leaves and grass blaze around me
celebrating light
bright and warmth
full on my face

i seek it
suck it in
savor it
praise it

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