Monday, April 26, 2010


Scissors in hand I run,
across slick muck and fresh snow.
Risky, I know, but I can’t risk losing
tender asparagus to a Spring hiccup.

Back inside, I crank the heater up
in protest,
and eat chilled spears for breakfast
as little Sunshine looks out…


past forgotten bubbles on the sill…

so unimpressed.

“I don’t like this kind of spring…snow is pretty when everything is dead, not when it’s already pretty…spring pretty.”

My own eyes try to look past
drooping fruit blossoms
to a summer of rest for the growing trees.


But in the end I concur
and offer her some asparagus.


  1. Snow! I'm not fond of snow in the spring! But I guess we know it won't stay! It is raining here.
    A friend brought me some fresh asparagus last week - so yummy! I'd love to try to grow some.

  2. Excellent...but so glad I don't have the same weather! :) On the bow & arrow FHE...You'll love this...we ended up "hunting" stuffed animals. The boys (my husband and son) set them up on a couch and practiced knocking them off with their arrows. Wasn't long before daughter #1 protested and saved her favorites from the cruel practice! So glad the kites were a hit! We love ours too! Hours of entertainment!


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