Thursday, March 25, 2010

Waking Up

I built something. 

It’s not perfect, but that was never the point. It wasn’t really cheap, but that wasn’t really the point either. So why did I shell out $200 for lumber and hardware only to neglect my house, kids and spouse for a whole week and only end up with an OK piece of furniture?

It was fun.

It seriously awoke this part of me that has been hibernating for years…neglected as I juggled babies, toddlers and relocating …and babies, toddlers and relocating. In fact, as I was bending down to hammer in an odd nail, I had a little flash back, of the last time I had attempted such a thing...last time when I bent down it was a strain to reach over my growing stomach and I only had a hand saw, and two year old Rose as a helper. The closet I built then wasn’t perfect either, but every time I looked at it I couldn’t help but smile.IMG_4857

This time all the kids got to help. Sunshine bravely held boards while I cut, Hup did a lot of the hammering and even showed Laser Boy some tricks of the trade. Rose helped paint exactly the way I asked her to, except for not leaving a little of the under color visible; she said it was just sloppy painting and she wouldn’t do it.

The hinges were a little tricky…I’ll know better next time, and the paint needs some touch up, but overall I’m giddy. And now, even two weeks after I finished my book shelf, I can’t walk by it (crooked doors and all) without a little smile.

Plans and loads of more ideas @ Knock Off Wood


  1. I'm impressed! I've been an assistant as my husband has built some nice furniture for us but I haven't built anything with wood since jr. high when I made a magazine holder! :)

    There is a sense of accomplishment when we make something ourselves.

  2. That TOTALLY rocks! I wish I were far more willing to dive into projects like that, but then again, we'd probably end up divorced & a deeply disappointed hubby, so maybe it's good I avoid projects like that. I LOVE it!


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