Wednesday, February 10, 2010

His & Hers

ME: "Honey! They're playing our song!"

HIM: "Hugh?"

My husband and I have never liked the same songs, or even the same type of least...not at the same time, so we have several songs we claim as our own, but they are in two different categories: HIS and HERS.

One of my earliest favorites was "Cowboy Take Me Away" by the Dixie Chicks...but, my husband never was a cowboy, in fact, he used to joke about buying a house within walking distance to the GAP.

One of his early faves was probably something by R.E.M.

We did come close once. When my husband heard Alison Krauss sing "When You Say Nothing at All". He loved it, thought for sure it should be our song....unfortunately I thought it was silly since we never said "nothing at all." Besides, I thought "Simple Love" by Alison Krauss should be our love theme...sigh...

But we keep trying. I love the song "Radio King", covered by Wilco. It seems to fit us lyrically if not musically...(of course, Hubby doesn't like that kind of music...whatever.)
Your music fills my car
your voice breaks every time
I'm still wonderin'
if I know who you are
so I hang on every line.
I'm ok with our differences here, in fact, it intrigues me. Many wonderful conversations have begun with the line, "This song reminds me of..." I also love what the kids pick up from our different tastes, and we've had some fun family "dance offs" to music I never would have thought of playing.

Maybe one day, the music will start and I'll look up and catch his eye, and we'll both smile....but until then, all I ask, is that the music keep on playin'.

Tune in to Love songs at chocolateonmycranium


  1. Seems like more people have a soundtrack of life rather than a single. :)

  2. That the music keep playin'..Amen! We don't even have a HIS and HERS, it's mostly just HERS. :D

  3. ha ha ha. I can definitely relate to many of those sentiments. He definitely has his favs and I have mine--Luckily every once in awhile we meet in the middle somewhere.

  4. Most of the time we totally have a his and hers type of music...LOVE how yours was done. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. So cute!! My husband and I share a similar love for sappy love songs. : )


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