Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The idea of keeping chickens always sounded like a good one. Such a down to earth, home grown, provident living kind of thing. But I'll admit, I resisted until the end...and with good reason. Some days are so crazy and full that I lose track of my own kids...what chance would a chicken have around here?

So I held out with my excuses of where and how and how much, until sweet neighbors offered a few for is my weakness. The kids were excited, and so was the dog, but still it was me who went out in the cold to feed and water and bring in no eggs.

Little by little they came out of their huddled corner to greet me, and I caught myself staring as they pecked and fluffed and strutted around the yard. Then, on the coldest day, when I was thinking chicken broth would be a good idea, they gave me an egg...and I was hooked.

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