Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nodding my head like Yeah!

To keep Laser Boy busy while I swept my piles and mopped dirty corners, I popped in a homemade DVD from my sister. He was completely captivated with the faces of family and playing his imaginary guitar to the rockin' music. I enjoyed it too, of course; it knocked the drudgery right out of my mop bucket, and we had a little party.

I love how clean my house is in January. New perspective in motion. I wonder how it ever could have been any other way....

I wonder how long I will wonder that.

At least I'm past the point of house work being a necessary goal to set, something that requires a yearly calendar change to get done. However, I do still need to check things off my's far from habitual.

I dread the mundane, doing something all the time...because it needs to be done...

all the time.

But lately I have really come to enjoy my brain time while doing what will need to be done again tomorrow. Have you ever noticed how mopping a floor can take your mind to places you would have missed otherwise? Better yet, how it works it's way through problems that direct focus only blocks?

Almost as good as a run, but then my running still eludes the habitual.

Party on.

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