Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Scarecrow's Dance

I've been wanting to start my own little book list for a while now. Reading is one of the parenting skills I do really well...hehe, and a big part of our family time. I love reading to my kids. From the very beginning it is something I have done consistently; sometimes reading hours at a time. My oldest (when she wasn't so old) would sit forever on my lap, munching cheerios and listening to whatever was in reach of our chair. Hup was never content to sit for too long, but would always come back for more. I can't tell you how many books I've read to him as he climbed furniture, did somersaults, and played with toys. For Sunshine, it's all about the fairytale, and she's not picky, she will crawl up on anybodies lap to get her story. For Laser Boy, it's just the beginning as he moves from the stage of just happy to be snuggling to really demanding his favorite stories.

All this said, some books are just painful; as in, how in the world did this even get published? However, if one of my kids wants to read it, and it is appropriate, I can make my way through just about anything. Then there are the books like this one, that have it all. Well written, beautiful pictures, nice message, and enjoyable for all.

The Scarecrow's Dance written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline is definitely worth checking out. I picked it up at our local library because of the pictures, and it had such a sweet little message I'm thinking about buying one for my own shelf.

I read it first to my oldest two and they loved it. It led to a discussion about how much I'm going to miss reading to them when they grow up and move away. I told them I'd just sit at home by myself reading picture books. Rose squeezed my arm and told me to be quiet because I was making her cry.

That moment was worth every painful book I've ever had to read.

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  1. You were about making me cry too...and made me want to go grab a book and start reading to my kids. I on't know when we outgrew that one, and we probably shouldn't have.


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