Thursday, September 3, 2009

Note to His Teacher

Dear Teacher,

As we went our separate way with a load of kids and a broken heart, and you with that look on your face that was put there by him....I had so much more I wanted to say, things I want you to know.

Like how smart he is. It's not the kind of smart you can write down on paper, or put a score on, but the kind that sees things from different angles and coordinates everything in his movements. The kind of smart that never stops wondering or building or checking things out.

Like how strong he is. Strength that comes from living every day completely. Having important things to do and doing them. Running and climbing and jumping; strength that comes from success.

Like how soft he is. I've seen him cry when I hurt and sacrifice to make my pain less. I've seen him forgive those he never should have to, and encourage the same to do better.

Like how he loves. He is the big brother every kid wishes they could have. You know, the one that doesn't just let you tag along, but really plays with you and cares for you, shares his snacks and his discoveries with you. He doesn't have to be told, he just is.

I know you may know some of this, and I know that none of this excuses his behavior, but on days when he has pushed me to the edge....pebbles tumbling down the cliff... I think of this and know that he's worth fighting for.

Thank you for all the time and love that you put into your work.


His Mom


  1. You forgot the kleenex warning on that one. It caught me a little unprepared. :-)

  2. That was a little tough, the one thing I am proud of, is I so knew that already. I just love that boy! Good writing.


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