Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Continuing Transformation

I remember sitting on my couch, mind racing; wanting to giggle but managing to suppress because of the seriousness of her tone. Did she really just ask me if I had been saved?

Unrealized, the transformation had begun. With each conversation...and there were many....we learned more about each other, our beliefs and our God. There had to have been some chuckling going on in heaven, putting a God fearing Baptist right next door to a confidently, complacent Mormon; both so alone, now dependent on each other, both believing they had the whole truth, or at least the faith to make up for the questions. Thinking back I can almost hear the rumbling laughter.

In the beginning of our friendship, all I could see was this wonderful missionary opportunity, so of course I found it a little funny that she was worried about my salvation. As life happens, and it always does, I learned things from her I didn't know that I didn't know. Like what it really means to daily walk with Him, not to just meet casually at the end of day. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I've ever taken lightly my relationship with Christ, but I had never seen it so all consuming as it is in her life, and it began to rub off on me. It made me dig deeper in my studies, linger longer in prayer, and ultimately to be still and know.

It wasn't all perfect, frustration and dark prideful moments snuck in...casting shadows of doubt on truth; but not for long, because light always overcomes darkness as His glory became our only see, friendships that begin before life in this body don't go down easily.

The lessons learned in this short season of my life are too many to cover right now. In the end....well, I know it's not the end, but as we still completely Mormon and she faithfully Baptist, I was consumed with gratitude for the new awareness I had gained of familiar truth; looking forward as I look upward to this continuing transformation.

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  1. I noticed the same thing living in Chicago...the very "real-life" applications that other Christian religions have in their relationships with Christ. It has made me be more mindful how I can walk with Him.

  2. Awesome post! Isn't it interesting how much you can learn from someone of another faith about faith and commitment to religion? Sometimes we Mormons really need to learn a thing or two, don't we. Such a neat "transformation"!

  3. I love that! It reminded me of many investigators on my mission and friends from my last home town. Thanks!

  4. Growing up in Georgia I had many friends who were either Baptist or Methodist. I learned a lot from all of them and hopefully they learned a little from me. =)

  5. What a wonderful experience! I love finding friends like that. Friends that are so familiar from the first time we meet. How neat that the two of you and teach each other so much!

  6. I love that concept. Reminders come from all places and friends, when I've needed them the most, often come from unlikely sources.

  7. Love that! So grateful for those people in our lives - so glad you have her! Sisters who weren't officially related here on earth.

  8. Wow.. what a post.. things I think about often, a time never forgotten and a spiritual life that was changed.. you made me dig deep and pray hard.. Wasn't always easy but I would go through all of it again because what a blessing to call you my friend!.. I miss you and think of you daily!

    I love this post!


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