Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dirty Little Secret

It all began a couple weeks ago when Laser Boy, who is exploring all the different realms of learning to go potty, began to flush things down the toilet. The first items to not clear the goose neck were two pencils....the two pens luckily made it to septic heaven. After plunging daily for a week, I convinced my husband to get serious about the problem and he took the toilet off it's base and retrieved the pencils, amongst objects that ended up all over my bathroom floor.


All worth it though to have a working toilet again, or so we thought. Two days later down went a lego window. Since the toilet continued to flush with perfect force we figured luck was shining down on us. A few days later everything stopped draining. I'm tired of thinking about the disgusting details so I'm not going to relate them all here, only to say that my husband canceled my call for help to the plumber, and spent a week playing in crap. After the third try at clearing the pipe, and a very creative pipe/hose structure, things seemed to be draining smoothly.

Yesterday, as I was doing some laundry everything started coming up in my bathtub. I didn't even hesitate.

I called the plumber.

The plumber came. The plumber retrieved the lego window from our main drainage pipe with his handy snake, chopper thing. The plumber collected his $80. The plumber left.
All before hubby came home from work. I still haven't told him. He didn't want to spend the money, and I didn't want a stinky ornery husband. Our food budget will be a little low this month, but we'll squeak by, and we're all the happier.

Maybe one day, when the air has cleared, I'll clear my own concious and come clean....and we'll laugh.

(Dear Husband, If by some chance your reading this, I just want you to know of my gratitude to you for spending so much time in the depths of filth and slime so we didn't have to. I am amazed by your ingenuity and determination to get a job done. Please forgive me for being weak when I saw sewage coming up in my bathtub and calling the plumber.)

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